AT&T iPhone plan vs GoPhone iPhone Comparison

by Admin on November 18, 2010

So just how much money will you save by making your iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 prepaid? Let’s take a look.

AT&T GoPhone

AT&T 2 Year iPhone Contract

3GB iPhone 3G/S – $400 8GB iPhone 3G/S – $99
Unlimited Voice & SMS – $60 Unlimited Voice & SMS + Mandatory Data Plan – $119.99
Absolutely No Contract 2 yr Contract
Total Paid Over 2 Years – $1,740 Total Paid Over 2 Years – $2,979

So at the end of the day (or 2 years) you can expect to save around $1,000. $1,239 to be exact (at the time I am writing this anyway). If you were on the fence, or not sure if switching to a prepaid iphone plan would be cheaper, I think you got your answer.

At the end of the day having a GoPhone iPhone or a prepaid iPhone is going to be a lot cheaper in the long run than just going for the AT&T 2 year contract. Not to mention all the other bonuses.

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