How to Make Use of GoPhone with an iPhone

by Admin on November 1, 2010

One of the world’s biggest telecom company AT&T offers users of mobiles through its mobile brand “Go Phone”, the chance to receive and send messages, data using 3G network, and phone calls without signing contract. When someone wants to make a GoPhone iPhone with the help of AT&T’s GoPhone then he or she has to unlock the phone and they will be able to make a GoPhone prepaid iPhone. If you do not possess unlocked iPhone then you must buy it from some other party to use it using GoPhone network. After that you are able to proceed with the GoPhone activation.

  1. First you have to unlock iPhone for the purpose to use it on GoPhone network, or buy one from craiglist or eBay. If you want to unlock it by yourself then you have to download some files from blackra1n for Mac or Windows to your personal computer. After that connect your computer with your iPhone utilizing the USB cables and then click on “make it rain” icon in your iPhone and then allow to restart your iPhone, after that your iPhone will be unlocked. If you cannot do this, you are able to unlock your iPhone with the help of a computer specialist.
  2. After that you have to buy a SIM card of GoPhone. You are able to buy a GoPhone cheap sim card from the web site of AT&T and activate it or you are able to buy a GoPhone sim card from again by third party like Craiglist or eBay. According to Hacking blog of WordPress, few of the users face some problems while activating the service of GoPhone, while SIM card is inside an iPhone. You are able to buy another phone to activate the sim, if you face problems in activating the sim card through an iPhone.
  3. Now activate account of GoPhone on internet through third link below “resources” section. Now there you have to enter the twenty digits printed on your card that you got along with the sim card, then click on continue to start the process of activation. When you see that the wizard is asking for the serial number of your iPhone then you have to enter the fifteen digit numbers of IMEI of your iPhone. You are able to find the IMEI number of your iPhone in the “settings”& “about” options.
  4. Now you have to insert GoPhone sim in iPhone if you have used it in your iPhone during activation, now your GoPhone iPhone is ready. After that, you wait for some minutes and see that AT&T has become visible in the left side of screen. Now your GoPhone prepaid iPhone is ready to receive and send messages and making calls using GoPhone network.

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